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Psychological Services

Step-Parenting Challenges

Being a step-parent often feels challenging, as the step-parent role is more complex than that of the parent.

Some common questions faced by step-parents are:

  1. How involved should I be in parenting my step-children?

  2. How do I nurture myself and my partner while helping to meet the children’s needs?

  3. Who determines appropriate discipline with the children? 

  4. How do we reconcile the differences in parenting styles between me and my partner? 

  5. How do I handle my reactions when the children push my buttons?

  6. How should I relate to the children’s other biological parent? 

I can help you find answers to these and many other questions, and manage the feelings caused by these complicated situations. Learn to deal effectively with step-parenting challenges, and turn obstacles into opportunities to create a more enjoyable and harmonious family life.

Stepfamily Myths

Excerpt from:
National Stepfamily
Resource Center

Myths are beliefs that strongly influence the way people in stepfamilies adjust to their new family and react to one another. The following myths about stepfamilies can be stumbling blocks on the stepfamily journey.

Myth #1:

Love occurs instantly between the child and the step-parent

Myth #2:

Children of divorce and remarriage are damaged forever

Myth #3:

Step-mothers are wicked

Myth #4:

Adjustment to step-family life occurs quickly

Myth #5:

Children adjust to divorce and remarriage more easily if biological fathers (or mothers) withdraw

Myth #6:

Step-families formed after a parent dies are easier

Myth #7:

Part-time step-families are easier

Myth #8:

There is only one kind of family

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