Angela Hasty Psychologist Testimonials

“In my 25 years of practice, I have rarely encountered someone as sensitive, caring and invested in her clients. These traits are all the more remarkable, given Dr. Hasty's clear-headed, common-sense approach in dealing with personal growth and trauma.”

Doug Korpi, Ph.D., Chief Evaluator/Forensic Psychologist, State of California

“Dr. Hasty has complete integrity in her clinical work and unconditional regard for her clients. At Kaiser, we counted on her astute assessment skills and compassionate approach in assisting clients through a wide variety of issues.”

Leslie Bryant, Ph.D., Chief Psychologist, Kaiser Permanente (retired)

“Dr. Hasty is an outstanding psychologist with deep clinical experience and insight.”

Gilbert Newman, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Training, The Wright Institute

“I only consult with Dr. Hasty on the most complex client issues. I implicitly trust her exceptional clinical judgement and her ability to develop highly effective treatment approaches.”

MaryAnn Jones, Ph.D., CEO, Westside Community Mental Health